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Human anatomy educational AR application
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Project’s Idea

This project was a dissertation of an MSc student who needed an AR application to teach the neural network part of the human anatomy that provides educational information more interestingly. This app gives its users a deeper understanding of human anatomy while being informative and educational.

Development Process Details

We started to implement the Requirements document that our client provided for us. First, The user enters the AR camera and prepares a target. After choosing the target, the user could choose a part of the human anatomy (like a Neural network) and then selecting each part of that to learn about specific areas of the body, and the user could learn and enjoy the mixture of biology and augmented reality technology together. Also, there is some educational explanation in the form of voice and text.

Project’s Outcome

Both educational and exciting AR application which help the client easily teach human anatomy to children. Children found this application very joyful and fun alongside being educational and informative.

MSc student dissertation
3D Modeling
UI/UX design
Unity application
Markerless Augmented reality
Adobe XD