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Logical circuits puzzle gamification with AR
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Project’s Idea

This project was a marker-less AR gamification that aimed to teach logical circuits as a puzzle game for different age groups. The ideas behind this project were achieved from days of discussion between developers and designers. Therefore, we decided to implement an application that was a mixture of a puzzle game of logic circuits and augmented reality features. The application scenario consisted of a bug that had to solve the circuit’s puzzles, and if the user could solve the puzzle with fewer moves, the user would get more stars.

Development Process Details

First of all, we created a game design documentation for that. We created a 3D environment and game functionalities with a bunch of levels and we refine our game design through some user testing. Finally, we added the augmented reality feature to our game to make it more attractive.

The project required coordination of the designer’s and developers’ work. The communication flowed smoothly between developers and It was one of the best experiences in SunReality’s early days.

Project’s Outcome

An Interesting puzzle game that teaches logical circuits in its context. Computer and Electrical engineering students especially found this game enjoyable cause it was related to their university lessons.

Internal project
3D Modeling
Level design
UI/UX design
Unity application
Markerless Augmented reality
Adobe XD