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Eight English Book

Learning English with VR
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Project’s Idea

The Eight English book VR project aimed to create a platform where clients can learn an English book with a virtual reality application in an interesting way. The main goal of the Eight VR is to educate the user in a particular scenario. The user could enter the VR app and will see an interesting classroom that has a tutor. The tutor will teach English lessons, and at the end of each class, the user has to answer the quizzes in various methods.

Development Process Details

This project included different parts. The first part was designing different scenarios for the game design. The second part was creating 3D models and designing an attractive environment for the English classroom. Finally, we need to implement VR features in the English class environment. Our work included many different tasks: like optimizing models for real-time, creating high-fidelity PBR textures,  developing configuration and user interaction features.

Project’s Outcome

An educational and entertaining VR application that helped the institute use it in their classrooms to examine how students respond to VR educational applications. The results were awesome and high beyond their expectations. In a survey after that, the students were really satisfied with this method of education and requested more applications like this.

Institute of applied science technology Jahad Daneshgahi
3D Modeling
UI/UX Design
Unity application
Virtual Reality
Google VR
Adobe Fuse