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Jack The Ripper

Board game tutorial with AR
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Project’s Idea

Viseh group is a company that is working on creating board games. They decided to use AR technology for one of their board games named “Jack the Ripper” to attract more customers into their board game, and also allow customers to learn the board game rules conveniently by making an augmented reality experience.

Development Process Details

We started with designing the application’s UI/UX and after the client’s acceptance, we dived into implementation. We started modeling the main character of the application like the concept arts of the “Jack the Ripper” character. The client provided us with a set of scenarios and speaker voices, so we could show the tutorial on the smartphone’s screen after pointing the device’s camera at the game board. We used cinematics to create an exciting animated environment where the character explained his journey and interestingly presented the board game tutorial.

Project’s Outcome

An Engagement and beautifully designed AR application that brings users into the atmosphere of the board game which led to a boost in sales of the game. also, it helped the user simply learn the board game through the tutorials.

Viseh Group
3D Modeling
UI/UX design
Rest API
Unity application
Augmented reality with a marker
Adobe XD