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Kharazmi Virtual Tour

WebGL virtual tour

Project’s Idea

Kharazmi university’s virtual tour is based on its campus and environment. This project aims to familiarize new students before attending the university and also it is entertaining for graduated students to experience a virtual tour in their former university, also with Covid-19 situation which caused students to spend their education remotely, This application was very hopeful and exciting because the students could sense the beautiful environment of the Kharazmi university virtually.

Development Process Details

Our mission was to build an interactive application that allows the users to experience the Kharazmi university’s exciting environment easily through the university’s website without any installation. so we used WebGL technology to achieve this goal.

Our very first challenge was the output size of the project and as we were going to deploy this project on the web, it was very important that users won’t wait too long for the project to be loaded. This project was going to cover a large amount of the Kharazmi university environment. so we created a system to download some large parts of the environment (in our case the buildings).

We needed to create the environment as it is in reality, so we used Google maps images and many pictures that we took from the real environment to create the buildings and environment with high details.

Performance is crucial for web applications, especially WebGL applications. and we had a lot of challenges to increase the FPS (frames per second) of the application. At last, we managed to run the large environment with optimum fps using lots of optimization techniques.

We placed some instruction points near each area of the university with a narrator explaining that area to the users.

Project’s Outcome

The result was a seamless, engaging experience available for everyone interested in virtually simulated environments. Memorable, highly detailed, and pleasant application for students in this university, where they can control the first-person character by mouse and keyboard to walk in the environment, and feel their university’s beautiful environment. a product which was joyful for both the graduated and new students and all the people who love to experience a virtual environment.

Kharazmi University
3D Modeling
Environment design
Unity application (WebGL)