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Sofa Configurator

WebGL product presenter

Project’s Idea

This is a sofa configurator demo project. It aims to illustrate how WebGL offers new ways to showcase and customize products on the Web. This kind of application can be used to showcase different types of products like home appliances, clothing, environment, etc. The application goes through changing colors and materials. You can zoom in/out and check how the selected material feels on the real sofa.

Development Process Details

This was going to be a simple internal project. We designed a sofa 3d model and spent some time creating some realistic materials. We created some basic functionalities of viewing the sofa and changing its appearance.

Project’s Outcome

Beautiful, relaxing, and useful demo for businesses who desire to increase their sales and engage customers in their products. Any customer can configure and fully see any product before actually paying for that. It brings unlimited possibilities for such businesses to demo their products.

Internal project
3D Modeling
Unity application